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The robot "Tianying" of the University of Defense Science and technology won the RoboCup China Championship

on December 8, it was reported from the top intelligent robot competition being held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China robot competition and RoboCup China open that the rescue robot "Tianying" of the University of defense science and technology won the RoboCup rescue robot championship. This is also the "double champion" that the University of Defense Science and technology successfully defended and won after winning the championship last year

China robot competition is the top competition in the field of intelligent robots in China. It is the largest robot competition with the highest technical content in China at present. RoboCup China open is an international competition recognized by the international robot football World Cup competition organization, which is easy to realize the advantages of electronic control. It is following the Japanese open, the American open, the German open Australia is the fifth largest open in the world after the ergonomics Asian open

the robot "Tianying", which won the championship this time, showed its excellent movement ability in complex environment, friendly human-computer interaction ability and strong environmental exploration ability, and won the unanimous praise of the experts present. The robot laboratory of National University of defense technology, the birthplace of "Tianying" robot, has been engaged in the research of multi robot coordinated control, robot vision, mobile robot system and other fields for many years. Researchers have made great efforts, independently developed research platforms such as multi mobile robot systems and rescue robots, and achieved a lot of research results

in the 2009 China robot competition and RoboCup China open rescue robot competition, a total of four teams, including the University of national defense science and technology, Southeast University providing professional customized solutions, Guangzhou University and Northwest University of technology, finally participated in the competition

with the rapid development of domestic robot industrialization and the wide application prospect of rescue robots, the competition attracted researchers from many domestic universities, enterprises and research institutions. They not only observed the competition of rescue robots on site. 7. Frequency range: 0.01 5Hz; At the same time, they also had in-depth exchanges on the field to jointly promote the sustainable development of China's robot technology

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