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Rockwell Automation advocates "interconnected enterprises", Boost the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China

(Shenyang, May 13, 2015). The activities of Rockwell Automation Products Exhibition (raotm) and Rockwell Automation University (RAU) Shenyang station jointly organized by Rockwell Automation (nyse:rok), the world's largest company focusing on industrial automation and informatization, and 12 members of its PartnerNetwork program, officially kicked off today. At this event, Rockwell Automation introduced to nearly 1500 customers and industry experts from Northeast China the significance of building an Internet enterprise for realizing intelligent manufacturing and accelerating the overall revitalization of the northeast old industrial base. With the integration of operation technology (OT) and information technology (it) as the core, interconnected enterprises can help manufacturers improve productivity, economic efficiency and sustainability

John watts, marketing director of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, delivered a speech on Internet enterprises

the old industrial base in Northeast China has experienced glory for a long time. However, in recent years, the development of Northeast China led by heavy industry has gradually lagged behind. However, the new round of national measures to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China has brought many important opportunities for this region. For example, in the new round of strategy to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China, the Chinese government has given priority to promoting the northeast equipment manufacturing industry to go global as an important measure

in response, ou Ruitao, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, said: Rockwell Automation has been doing business in the northeast region for many years. In the early 1990s, many of our businesses in Northeast China came from some new projects, and most of our customers' needs were to expand production capacity and increase production lines. But now more and more customers need us to help them optimize production, save energy and increase efficiency and explore overseas markets. Facing a new round of opportunities to revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China, Rockwell Automation hopes to introduce the advanced concept of interconnected enterprises to the vast number of production and manufacturing enterprises in Northeast China, and help many industries, including automobile, tire, food and beverage, infrastructure, oil and gas, metallurgy, mining, optimize production, create higher industrial added value, and improve international competitiveness, So as to realize the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base

Ou Ruitao, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, introduced that Rockwell Automation China's implementation of intelligent manufacturing is the main line of China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. Rockwell Automation vigorously promotes the concept of interconnected enterprises, which points out a practical development path for China to realize intelligent manufacturing. By realizing the seamless connection of personnel, production process and technology, interconnected enterprises can help manufacturing enterprises improve productivity, economic efficiency and sustainability

John watts, marketing director of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, said: the core of Internet enterprises is the integration of information technology (it) and operation technology (OT). In the past, the automation network of the production workshop and the business network of the enterprise layer used different technologies, so they were isolated from each other, forming an information island. The construction of Internet enterprises must break this situation. Rockwell Automation's integrated control and information solutions can break these communication barriers and seamlessly connect production workshops, the entire enterprise, and external consumers with the supply chain

Watts added that Rockwell Automation has a highly scalable integration architecture, a world leading intelligent motor control product portfolio and a global engineering and service team. It has continued to innovate in these three aspects, promoting the integration of control and information technology, and supporting the construction of interconnected enterprises about 75 years ago

Mr. kesiqi, managing director of Rockwell Automation Greater China, said: the Internet enterprises vigorously advocated by Rockwell Automation are highly consistent with the made in China 2025 proposed by the Chinese government. Rockwell Automation is committed to developing and implementing open network technology to promote the integration of information systems and industrial systems. We firmly believe that this open model will help promote China's intelligent manufacturing and help China accelerate the achievement of its established manufacturing development goals. Advanced technology makes the construction of Internet enterprises possible. We are also honored to see that our open technology can help China accelerate the realization of intelligent manufacturing

since entering China in 1988, Rockwell Automation has been helping manufacturing enterprises in Northeast China to improve production efficiency and enhance differentiated competitive advantage. Rockwell Automation has cooperated with many well-known automobile and tire manufacturers in Northeast China to help them build more intelligent factories. In infrastructure, oil and gas, metallurgy, mining and other industries, Rockwell Automation has also participated in many important projects, such as Dalian metro, Heilongjiang large-scale central heating project, Fushun Mining Group shale refinery, PetroChina Liaohe Digital Oilfield, Anshan Iron and steel, to help them optimize production, save energy and increase efficiency. Recently, Rockwell Automation and sany international also signed a strategic cooperation on the development of high-voltage transmission cooperation in Shenyang, integrating the technical advantages of Rockwell Automation with the market advantages of Sany international in the field of coal machinery, vigorously promoting the technological development of China's coal industry and making China's mining industry more safe and sustainable

in addition, Rockwell Automation also uses its advanced technology and global network to help northeast manufacturing enterprises develop overseas markets. For example, in the Australian Roy Hill project of Dalian Sinovel Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., Rockwell Automation helped Dalian Sinovel heavy industry control the risks of overseas projects in terms of standards and usage habits, and provided on-site local services for Australian customers with its global after-sales service system

Rockwell Automation is not only committed to promoting the industrial development of Northeast China, but also actively investing in the field of education, supporting Northeast China in cultivating high-tech talents in the field of automation and building a sustainable talent supply chain. At present, Rockwell Automation has established joint laboratories with seven universities in Northeast China, including Northeastern University and Shenyang University, and donated equipment worth more than 18million yuan to these universities

rockwell automation product display is an annual marketing activity of Rockwell Automation, including product display, seminars, hands-on experiments and technical seminars. The event was first introduced to China in 2003 and has now visited 41 cities in China. Today, it has become an important platform for Rockwell Automation to share automation expertise, industry perspectives and interconnected enterprise strategies with its global peers

Rockwell Automation entered China in 1988. Now in China, it can definitely promote new technologies, new products and new applications, set up 37 branches, and have more than 2200 employees based on the verification data of experimental machines. Rockwell Automation's control and information technology and services cover almost all major industries, including automotive and tire, oil and gas, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, subway and water treatment

about the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program

the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program provides a platform for global manufacturers to utilize a cooperative alliance composed of companies that focus on developing, implementing and supporting the best solutions, so as to achieve plant optimization, improve machine performance and achieve sustainable development goals

about Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse: ROK) is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and informatization. Its mission is to help customers improve productivity and promote sustainable development in the world. Rockwell Automation integrates well-known brands in the field of industrial automation, including Allen Bradley's control products and engineering services and the automation management software developed by Rockwell software. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Rockwell Automation has branches in more than 80 countries and currently employs about 22500 people

Rockwell Automation in China

in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 2200 employees and 37 sales agencies (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). At present, five training centers, one R & D center, Dalian software development center, OEM application development centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, and three production bases have been established. The company has actively cooperated with 12 authorized channel partners and 69 key universities in Greater China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry

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