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Shandong Lingong "Liangjian" service brand

Shandong Lingong "Liangjian" service brand

Shandong Lingong "Liangjian" service brand

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when the construction machinery industry is looking for a way out due to market weakness, Shandong Lingong once again holds high the service flag. On September 3, Shandong Lingong officially released the enterprise level service brand - "full service for you", which covers "full life cycle service", "360 degree full service system", "6+1 full service commitment" and other contents. This move marks that Shandong Lingong will make full efforts in the service field and "shine the sword" service brand under the new market pattern

Shandong Lingong's service brand of "whole process wholeheartedly for you" has been launched.

"whole process wholeheartedly for you" service brand is a forward-looking strategic brand proposed by Shandong Lingong after clear insight and accurate prediction of user needs and market trends. As Yu Mengsheng, the executive president of Shandong Lingong, said at the press conference, "the launch of Shandong Lingong service brand is an important measure to further enhance the overall brand of Lingong, and it is also a strategic choice to achieve rapid transformation and create more business growth points in the new market environment."

Yu Mengsheng, executive president of Shandong Lingong, elaborated on the original intention and starting point of launching the service brand

at the press conference, Yu Mengsheng not only elaborated on the original intention and starting point of Shandong Lingong's launching the service brand, but also put forward several plans and requirements for the construction of the service brand. He said: under the current situation, it is necessary to change the concept that this move is to further enhance the market competitiveness of the new energy and new materials industry. Hollow spherical nano calcium carbonate can achieve the purpose of lightweight filling, be brave in innovation, further increase investment, improve the service system, promote the transformation of the entire marketing system to service, and raise the service to the brand height for packaging and promotion

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