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Breaking the cocoon and becoming a butterfly Shandong Lingong has become an industry pioneer

the development of each industry has a certain periodic law, and the construction machinery industry is no exception. China's construction machinery industry has also experienced ups and downs in the decades since its birth, but what it has experienced in the past five years is more exciting than ever

after entering the 21st century, China's construction machinery industry has ushered in the "golden decade", and the market size, number of enterprises, equipment sales, etc. have rapidly climbed to the previous peak. However, from the second half of 2011, it has rapidly fallen from the peak to the bottom. After that, it has been a shock adjustment for nearly five years, and it was not until the second half of 2016 that the recovery momentum of bottoming was gradually revealed

Shandong Lingong excavator assembly line

China's economy has entered the new normal. Affected by the superposition of multiple factors such as "growth rate shift period, structural adjustment pain period, early stimulus digestion period", the adjustment cycle of the construction machinery industry is longer than people's imagination. As a backbone enterprise in the industry, Shandong Lingong is also facing extremely arduous challenges

however, looking back at the moment, Shandong Lingong handed over a qualified answer: it was in the process of this major industrial adjustment that Lingong broke the cocoon into a butterfly, completed the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and firmly established its leading position in the industry

transformation and upgrading to enhance self-confidence in development

in the face of the severe situation, Shandong Lingong showed strong determination. The company's leadership clearly recognized that the construction machinery industry has also entered the new normal, and keenly captured the good opportunity to select the Zhejiang Fengli waste plastic composite material recycling and treatment complete set of equipment "to catch up with the curve". Therefore, we can better and more suitable select the right experimental machine. From the beginning, we proposed to strengthen our confidence and prepare for a protracted war and a tough battle

this confidence comes from the profound accumulation of technology, products, marketing, services, management, talents and other sectors in the past 40 years since the establishment of Shandong Lingong factory, and from the calm analysis of the macroeconomic, industry situation and their own conditions. As a complete machine factory, Lingong has continuously conveyed confidence to agents, suppliers, users and other partners in the past five years. In various occasions such as annual business meetings and market activities, "confidence" is the most frequently emphasized word

while emphasizing confidence, Shandong Lingong actively adjusted its strategic direction and began a profound change throughout the company. Wang Zhizhong, chairman of the company, pointed out that under the new normal, "technological innovation, management innovation, improving quality and efficiency, and pursuing connotative development are the only way for Shandong Lingong to build an evergreen foundation."

therefore, under the guidance of the core values of "efficiency first and leading science and technology", Shandong Lingong adheres to the business strategy of "intensive development and innovation driven", comprehensively implements the new strategy of transformation and upgrading, focuses on "product clustering, technological modernization, efficient management and international market", and accelerates the transformation to quality and benefit oriented connotative growth

since 2012, around this development concept, temporary workers have successively carried out activities with the themes of "efficiency improvement", "technical transformation improvement", "quality improvement", "budget management improvement", and one theme every year, focusing on implementation, which has achieved obvious results and greatly improved the company's operating performance

from a series of upgrading measures in R & D, production, marketing and brand, we can see the grandeur of this change

scientific and technological innovation products strive to create first-class

products, Shandong Lingong focuses on the "3+1" product line, that is, loaders, excavators, road machinery + key parts. Under the new normal, there is fierce competition among manufacturers, and users also put forward upgrading requirements for products that are more reliable, more technological, and more environmentally friendly. Accordingly, Shandong Lingong put forward the "two must" guidelines for product research and development: it must be market-oriented and must be combined with the actual use of customers

chairman Wang Zhizhong has repeatedly stressed that product research and development and the upgrading of manufacturing technology are the key to the transformation and upgrading of the company. We must provide sharp replacement of imported products for marketing with high-quality and efficient products that meet market demand. In this context, temporary workers put forward overall requirements for R & D work, including changing the scientific research mechanism and improving scientific research competitiveness through mechanism innovation; Strengthen talent strategy and improve talent competitiveness and operational efficiency

the results are fruitful. Adhering to the "reliable" gene, the reliability, energy saving, comfort, lightweight and other research and development of temporary loaders, excavators and other products are at the forefront of the industry. Taking energy-saving products as an example, the second-generation energy-saving products of Lingong were fully launched in 2012, and the comprehensive energy-saving effect reached more than 20% after being identified by the national authority. In 2015, Lingong officially released the "F series" products integrating high efficiency power and energy conservation and emission reduction at the BICES exhibition, leading the energy conservation trend of China's construction machinery

lean production operation efficiency is leading

with excellent performance as the goal, Shandong Lingong has formulated the production and manufacturing strategy of continuously promoting lean production, creating an efficient and advanced intelligent factory, and building a leading production and manufacturing system in the construction machinery industry

since 2012, Shandong Lingong has deeply promoted the lean production management mode (LPS), insisted on full participation and continuous improvement, and greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees to implement innovation based on their posts. The failure rate and operation efficiency of external feedback are at the best level in the same industry in China

now, Shandong Lingong has successfully built a series of management platforms such as LPS, LWS and lts, adopted a series of measures and methods to improve quality and efficiency, and summarized and formed an innovative development mode of "one whole, two innovations and three combinations" on this basis. Only through the 250 w/s requirements of the new national standard B1 combustion growth rate index (f/gra) w/s), can polyurethane meet the standard. "One full" means full participation, "two innovations" means management innovation and technological innovation, "Three Combinations" means the combination of managers, technicians and production personnel. Subsequently, the innovative management mode of "one whole, two innovations and three combinations" was comprehensively promoted in all fields of the company, creating a number of excellent achievements represented by "AGV" smart cars

in terms of product quality control, Shandong Lingong adheres to the quality policy of "reliability, efficiency, industry model; quality, value, customer first choice" and establishes a perfect quality management system. 2014 was designated as the "year of quality improvement", which has achieved remarkable results in strengthening quality from four aspects: gold supply chain, LPS, service enhancement and technology upgrading. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, temporary workers won the "governor Quality Award", "National Machinery Industry Quality Award" and "National Quality Award" in Shandong Province, which became the best example of their quality management work

focus on marketing to promote brand internationalization

in the face of the sales difficulties in the industry downturn, the pressure of construction machinery manufacturers can be imagined. Shandong Lingong actively summarized and responded, promoted the upgrading of marketing system, greatly improved the company's market operation ability and competitiveness, put forward the strategy of marketing system upgrading: "one center, two promotions", and put forward twelve strategic measures based on this

"one center" means unswervingly focusing on improving market share; The "two promotions" are to promote the reform of marketing management and channel integration, and further improve the market competitiveness and market share through the comprehensive strategic transformation of the marketing system

facing the domestic and foreign markets, temporary workers have taken highly targeted measures respectively. In the domestic market, accelerate the channel integration, optimize the network layout, improve the channel competitiveness, and unswervingly improve the profitability of dealers

in overseas markets, we have broken through potential markets and accelerated the channel construction of blank countries and the secondary network development of key countries. Adhere to the "focus on marketing", market segmentation and product portfolio positioning, closely follow the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, improve the service brand construction in the international market, and integrate the resource platforms such as "good driver", "Asian Champions League", "exhibition, social welfare, etc., so as to drive marketing with brand and promote international development

in September 2014, Shandong Lingong released the "whole process and wholehearted" service brand, vigorously promoted "full life cycle service", "360 degree service" and "6+1 service commitment", and created a new model of "full value chain marketing". Yu Mengsheng, President of Shandong Lingong, said, "promoting the service winning strategy can help Shandong Lingong comprehensively improve its service capability, promote the rapid transformation of marketing, expand the post market value chain, and create more business growth points."

under the guidance of the marketing upgrading strategy, Lingong's domestic and international market performance is admirable, and it has continuously maintained the first export share of domestic brands, and established a good brand credibility among users and even the public. The brand concept of "reliable bearing and heavy trust" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and then becomes its unique competitiveness

now, China's construction machinery industry has shown an obvious recovery trend and is still in a period of strategic opportunities for rapid development. However, the phenomenon of ultra-high growth around 2010 and 2011 will be difficult to reproduce. After experiencing the hardships of the past five years, Shandong Lingong's physique is healthier, its vision is broader, and its pace is more heroic. In the new normal of the industry, Lingong will continue to adhere to its original intention, adhere to its dreams, and continue to forge ahead

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